My Hero’s Journey


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Pick Me Pick Me

Years ago I received an invitation in the mail for a free weekend at a new resort/condo complex that just opened in a nearby community. Billed as a romantic getaway, the timing was perfect as my wife and I coped with the responsibilities that come with being new parents. So at the tender age of 6 months we left our beautiful daughter with her adoring grandparents, and set out for a guilt free weekend all to ourselves…ah just what we needed. Or so we thought, until we found ourselves constantly bombarded by pushy salespeople trying to sell us a timeshare at the resort with the option to trade with other timeshare owners for fabulous retreats in exotic locations.

I consider myself open minded and could see the benefits of their proposal, but I just could not understand their sales technique. Their aggressive approach reminded me of the “Impulse Purchase” strategy marketers use to entice you to make a purchase on a whim. There is nothing wrong with this strategy when all that is asked of you is to part with some loose change for a candy bar. It’s an effective way to market and sell these products. While we may come to regret the impact on our health of such a purchase, we also see the benefit of improving our mood with a temporary boost to our sugar levels.

All too often this marketing strategy is used in the MLM industry to encourage you to enroll and get a position on the tree before you miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Oh and there are fast start bonuses that are only available in your first 28 days, which means you need to have your mentor meeting in the first 24 hours of enrolling so you can have your home business meeting within 72 hours where you make a commitment to help 4 new people do the same so we can all blaze a trail to our nearest bank being careful not to lose all of those precious dollars /bonus points/ cruise trips along the way. WHEW!

Did I mention it doesn’t really matter if your friends, family, and associates, understand what you got them involved in as long as we are all getting a nice buzz from all that sugar/momentum.

Our industry has an image problem of its own making for this very reason. A healthy business need not resort to hype and impulsive decision making. Any successful franchise operation will have a good business model, with a unique product offering, and a solid plan of action. Success is achieved when everyone follows the script.

So if you have ever been pitched by an overzealous network marketer, please have some compassion. Most likely they were following instructions that really have NO place in our industry.

Let us show you how we can help you build a successful business using the following formula:       Formula

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My Hero’s Journey


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Need A Hand?

More than 70 years ago, psychologist Abraham Maslow published his theory of the Hierarchy of Needs. It is based on the premise that to lead fulfilling lives, we must satisfy specific needs in a loose but orderly fashion, before we can focus on the next highest need.


  1. Physiological – the need to satisfy basic physical components to maintain life such as air, water, food, sleep, and shelter
  2. Safety – the need to safely secure all of the above components of life for ourselves and our family
  3. Love/Belonging – the need to establish friendships, family, and sexual intimacy
  4. Esteem – the need for self-esteem through achievement, confidence and respect for others and by others
  5. Self-Actualization – the need to reach a state of harmony and understanding to reach one’s full potential

At Lifestyle Networking our mission statement is to create lifestyles that embrace health wealth and happiness. To achieve this we give of ourselves to provide others the opportunities to reach Stage 5 “Self-actualization”. Through the companies we partner with Nucerity and ACN we are providing basic food and shelter to people in need.

Moms Against Hunger is a non-profit Christian charity providing relief to children and families who lack food, clothing, medical supplies and life sustaining aid due to serious life threatening catastrophes, natural disasters, wars and famines. Distributors with Nucerity support Moms Against Hunger with donations matched by Nucerity International.

Will Play For Food brings together artists, athletes, authors, and fans to end childhood hunger. Will Play For Food brings together individuals, communities, businesses, and government agencies to take social action, spread awareness, and funding through donations to feed hungry children. As a Platinum Sponsor, ACN underwrites meal programs that will provide about 1 Million meals in this their first year as a sponsor.

Join us and lend a hand to end hunger.

When you give of yourself to lift others, you will also find you lift yourself.

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My Hero’s Journey


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Big Business Behaving Badly

The National Football League kicks off its 2014 season this week on the heels of announcing record revenues of more than $9 Billion for 2013. Within a week of that announcement, the media reported the NFL has asked a potential Super Bowl halftime-show performer to pay for the privilege to perform. An insult to any “A” list artist that would normally grace the stage at halftime and realistically out of the financial reach of any artist who could benefit from the exposure. Oh and the league is currently contesting a lawsuit brought about by two Oakland Raiders cheerleaders who are earning on average less than $5.00 per hour (I’m not making this up).

More bad behavior continued last week as US corporations using “tax inversion” a loophole that permits a company to relocate their head office in any country with a more favourable tax rate. After the purchase of Abbott Laboratories by pharmaceutical giant Mylan, they relocated their head office to The Netherlands where the corporate tax rates is between 20% – 25%. The US corporate tax rate is 35%. Burger King has purchased iconic Canadian company Tim Horton’s, and will be relocating their head office to Canada where the corporate tax rate is 15%. Imagine that. Canada a tax haven. Well for corporations anyway.

Why have profits become the only measurement of success for a corporation? Whatever happened to the pride that came with being a good corporate citizen? Where does the tax burden shift? You and I will either pay more in taxes, have fewer services provided, or be forced to pay user fees. Meanwhile corporations play a shell game with their profits which impacts our standard of living, to guarantee obscene bonuses for the board of directors.


What can we do about it? Well money talks. Try shifting some of your spending. Visit small/local merchants in your neighborhood to see what goods and services they have to offer you. Look at the products and services offered by independent distributors in network marketing. Very often they offer unique quality products not available at traditional retail outlets. Not only will you be helping someone you know, but you can feel good knowing they are doing their part to lessen the tax burden on you.


My Hero’s Journey Week 17


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I’ve Got the Music in Me

I have always enjoyed music. I believe most people can at the very least claim one song that conjures memories of some significant time or moment in their life. Perhaps it’s the chart topper hitting the airwaves when you first got your drivers’ licence, or the sweet melody you associate with a loved one.

“Even in the mud and scum of things, something always, always sings” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think of my mom whenever I hear I Will by the Beatles. It was at the funeral home. My mom had passed suddenly and our family was heartbroken. By her casket, someone laid a stuffed bear with a recording of the music you could play by squeezing the paw. I know the song by heart having listened to the White Album maybe a thousand time or more, so I took the opportunity to sing it to my mom. It was a great way to express my love.

Music was one of the few things that brought pleasure to my dad. Not an easy thing to accomplish considering he was a hard-working, strict disciplinarian. But he had his favorites like Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Connie Francis, et al. I sang Those Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer by Nat King Cole at karaoke the other day. This song reminds me of my dad because it was often playing, in the summer, as we’re off for a picnic. The song made my dad happy whenever he heard it, and that makes me happy.

Why I even remember the song playing on the radio when I recall reaching puberty (nuff said).

Honky Tonk Woman

I have a fair to average singing voice depending on whether the listener is brutally honest or kind, but I have never been able to master an instrument. I feel a twinge of envy when someone plays, I’ve seen/heard my daughter and niece (both at a young age), sit at a piano and just begin playing as if they have always done this. How amazing is that?

Well I have decided I am going to learn to play an instrument. I don’t yet know which instrument, or how long it might take before someone considers me fair to average. I do this because music sings to me. I accomplish this because I’ve got the music in me.

Stay tuned.

My Hero’s Journey Week 16


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The King and His Court

While out for a stroll one evening last week, my wife and I came upon a baseball game played by 14 year olds at a local park. We stayed and watched a few innings. I am not a proponent of baseball for young kids. I would prefer they play softball as I did for a number of reasons.

  • The overhand pitching motion puts a tremendous strain on the shoulder and rotator cuff. Young pitchers need to be managed carefully or risk long term injury
  • I have seen games with kids younger than 14 and the pitcher can barely get the ball to the plate which makes for a long game if you are playing a field position
  • A dominant pitcher can always win a game for you, but if you’re a fielder you want to play. You want to show your speed, your glove, your arm, and your ‘ball’ sense

  • The ‘windmill’ mechanics of pitching a softball are easier, more natural, and safer than overhand pitching
  • The distance from the pitchers rubber/mound is less (40 feet v 60 feet), making it easier to reach the plate and throw strikes
  • More balls are hit and put into play and with shorter distances between the bases (60 feet v 90 feet) more exciting plays to be a part of as a runner and fielder. In other words softball is safer and more fun. Isn’t that the message we should be teaching our kids.

The King and His Court 2

Eddie Feigner

Meet Eddie Feigner,

the greatest softball pitcher who ever

Eddie was so dominant in his sport that he would strike out batters while pitching behind his back, between his legs, from his knees, from second base, even blindfolded.

In 1946 on a dare, he created a 4 man team aptly named The King and His Court, challenging anyone to play them.

In 1967 he faced in order professional baseball players, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Maury Wills, Harmon Killebrew, and Roberto Clemente. He struck out all six.

In just over 50 years, Eddie and His Court achieved some amazing stats including; hitters, and 238 perfect games.

The King and His Court crisscrossed the globe covering more than 4 million miles, while playing in front of more than 20 million fans in more than 4,405 cities worldwide throughout 104 countries.

They were the sports ambassadors much like the Harlem Globetrotters, entertaining and amazing spectators with their talent. I was fortunate to see Eddie Feigner, The King and His Court play, and as a former softball pitcher I was left in awe witnessing this great athlete.

No matter what sport you play, fix your purpose on doing your best and having fun.

Who knows where that will lead you?



My Hero’s Journey Week 15


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Love or Fear – Pick One

In spite of our best efforts, setbacks will and do happen. They compel us to re-evaluate our circumstances, our options, perhaps even our grasp on reality. The obstacles we encounter are just how the universe keeps everything in balance, the Law of Compensation in its purest form. Either we have not yet paid the price required for that which we are seeking, or the full price for some prior achievement has yet to be collected.

It very often takes me sometime to reflect and arrive at this understanding, which is a sure sign I need more “practice”. By our very nature we have a tendency to ride a roller coaster of emotions. Sinking to depths previously thought to be non-existent, and then soaring to great heights throwing caution to the wind (BTW always best to check which way the wind is blowing)

By revisiting Scroll VI of the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, I am reminded to be master of my emotions.

HJ 51 text

Whenever we encounter difficulties in life, we have to pass through a torrent of emotions. There is no escape from this work. There are really only two emotions,   Love or Fear, that eventually direct our thoughts and actions. When we express anger, confusion, discouragement, or just about any other negative emotion these are based in fear. The fear we have about our abilities, self-doubts, and our faith. But when we express our emotions based in love, then we are giving the universe exactly what it desires, and for this we are rewarded. The universe needs more love, and the universe understands and respects the Law of Compensation. This is a fact.

Not convinced? Listen to Jim Carrey.

My Hero’s Journey Week 14


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Honouring an Angel

Angel 1

A friend passed away recently, eventually succumbing to cancer. I wasn’t what one would call a close personal friend of Lorri Medill, nonetheless I considered myself a friend. Lorri had a way of making everyone she touched feel like a friend. Somehow she made you smile with her words, with her deeds, with her essence. Isn’t that just what you would expect from an Angel?

Lorri’s passing brought a group of friends to a memorial (one of many) at a yoga studio she cofounded called Singing Lotus. At the memorial I discovered not only was Lorri a yoga instructor, she had at one time run the New York Marathon. I never thought of Lorri as a marathoner and she wasn’t. She trained and ran the one race just so she could help friends who were there to assist a special needs runner compete, Angel.

As part of our celebration of her life, a number of us went on a ‘noble silence’, a silent walk through a local park, with a planned return to the studio for a yoga session. I strolled through a park I have not visited in years, grateful for the silence that gave me the time to reflect. Two hours later my wife and I realize we have missed the yoga session but happy to have spent that time with an Angel.

Take some time to be in silence and honour the angels in your life. Maybe someone you know is honouring you.



My Hero’s Journey Weeks 12 – 13


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Baker’s Dozen

There was a time when giving a little more was standard. if you ordered a custom made suit, the tailor would make an extra pair of pants. Shop at the butcher and some soup bones would be included with your purchase. Order a dozen pastries from the bakery and they would pack 13 in a box, known as a baker’s dozen.

Societal norms were such that everyone took this level of service for granted, and everyone extended the same consideration to others within their own means, and paid it forward.

Writing this post I wondered whatever happened to the extra pair of pants when I buy a suit. Why am I being charged for a soup bone, forced to pump my own gas, and pay for air? Does anyone even know what a baker’s dozen is?


This feeling I have stems from a perception that our norms have changed, that sometime in my lifetime, giving a little more stopped. The level of service we used to enjoy no longer exists. Oh sure people still give but with conditions, which is why we cart a pocketbook full of loyalty cards. You know the ones that provide 1 free coffee with every 10 purchased.

(Offer valid for one (1) regular 10 oz. coffee only. specialty flavours, additional cream, sugar, and/or coffee lid is extra. redeemable only on the first Thursday of the month between 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Greenwich mean time).


The good news is that I am beginning to sense change is in the air, that people, and merchants, and companies are giving more. The level of service we receive is improving, returning to an earlier time. It is possible I am just noticing something that has been there all along but my outlook has been ‘righted’ within me. Or perhaps people are understanding the value of giving without the need for reciprocity.

On a recent road trip, my wife an I stayed at a hotel (Holiday Inn Express, Flint, MI) where we were treated to a level of service that surprised us by the warmth and graciousness of the staff and guests. We were given a doggie bag and encouraged to take additional items from the complimentary breakfast buffet as we continued our journey. A kind guest gave us crocheted book marks she had made. Later that morning we were thanked for our purchase at the duty free shop (Duty Free America, Port Huron, MI) with a very nice piece of carry on luggage. Can a baker’s dozen still be had?

I don’t know if I am changing my thoughts and seeing the results of positive thinking, or if there is a shift in attitude in society. Whatever the reason I am grateful, and I want to pay it forward by acknowledging the service through word of mouth. The best kind of networking.

Have a listen to Jim Gaffigan’s reaction when he gets a …..


My Hero’s Journey Week 11


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The Law of Thinking

I sometimes feel like a caveman.caveman

Honest, trustworthy, good to have around,

but just a touch on this side of thick.



I was attending a networking event last weekend and was introduced to the writings of Louise Hay. Her first book – Heal Your Body was published in 1976 and connects the ability of the mind (your mind) to heal the body (your body). The book was eventually translated into 25 languages and sold in 33 countries throughout the world. Oh yeah, and there’s an app for that.

“The Law of Thinking – Learn how it works and miracles happen.

What you think and what you believe is what will come true for you.

Your thoughts create your life. It’s that simple” – Louise Hay

Her next book – You Can Heal Your Life was published in 1984 and explains how our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts, often determine our emotional, physical, and financial circumstances. The book made it to The New York Times bestseller list, not once but twice, and went on to sell 50 million copis.

Pretty impressive, a respected, successful author, speaker, founder of the self-help movement, Louise Hay has been sharing her wisdom for forty years.

caveman3jpg  (And I just found out about her last weekend? hence the caveman comparison).

If you’re a caveman like me, I urge you to spend the next 18 minutes or so with this video

It could change the way you think. It could change your life






My Hero’s Journey Week 10


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I am comfortable with numbers. By their very nature, all numbers have a certain structure, balance, and truthfulness to them. Numbers have such an enormous impact on our subconscious mind. If I ask you to clear your mind and then told you that the outside temperature is minus 30, your body immediately reacts to past memories of bone chilling moments, like maybe changing a flat tire, at night, on a deserted barren highway, in January, in Wisconsin.

We rely on numbers to alert us to how fast we should drive, what type of house we can afford to live in, when we need to meet someone, or the best price we can expect before we sell our stocks.. We know exactly how much money we will make when we reach the 6th Pin Level in our organization. We can even reconstruct the events of a sporting contest just by hearing the score. Try this, from the FIFA World Cup Tournament, Germany 4 Portugal 0. Any trouble recreating that game in your mind’s eye?

Numbers have a way of putting perspective in our lives. As I reflected on a topic for this week’s blog, the tenth week of My Hero’s Journey, I thought about Go90Grow, the 26 week MKMMA course, the 7 Laws of the Mind, etc. etc.

Many things come to mind when I think of the number 10. Notably the humour in David Letterman’s iconic Top Ten list always makes me laugh, so I thought I would share this with you.

Top Ten Funniest responses to Joining my Network Marketing Business

# 10     I don’t have any money to join

# 9       My computer has a virus

# 8      Someone on YouTube said this was a scam

# 7      I’m too busy working 3 jobs

# 6      I can’t do this because I’m allergic to your cell phone deal

# 5      I tried that once and I still have a garage full of hair loss replacement patches

# 4      I would rather sit around, drink beer, eat Cheesies, and watch TV

# 3      My ex-wife’s, aunts’ brother-in-law did network marketing and he got an STD

# 2      My mother won’t let me

And the # 1 funniest response to joining my network marketing business…..

# 1      Is this a pyramid